Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker Not Hot Enough: 5 Fixes

If you own a coffee maker from Hamilton Beach, chances are you’ve had this problem before.
It seems like every other day someone asks me how to fix their Hamilton Beach coffee maker not hot enough.
This post is here to help you solve the problem quickly and easily.

Make sure your coffee maker is plugged into a power source.
Check if the filter is clean.
Clean the heating element.
Replace the filter.
Try another brand of coffee

How Do You Fix Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker Not Hot Enough?

If you own a Hamilton Beach coffee maker and it doesn’t seem hot enough, here’s how to fix it.
1. Make sure the filter is clean.
2. Clean the heating element.
3. Check if the switch is turned off.
4. Turn the switch back on.

5. Try another brand of coffee.

Solution 1: Check If The Coffee Maker Has Shut Off

Check if the switch is turned on.
Solution 2: Clean The Filter
Answer: Clean the filter.
Solution 3: Clean The Heating Element
Answer: Clean it thoroughly.
Solution 4: Check If The Switch Is On
Answer: Make sure the switch is turned on and try again.
Solution 5: Try Another Brand Of Coffee
Answer: Try another brand of coffee. It could be that your coffee maker needs a new filter.

Solution 2: Reheat Your Coffee

Reheat your coffee.
Solution 3: Use A Different Water Filter
Answer: Use a different
type of water filter.


To reheat your coffee, pour hot water into a mug and place it in the microwave oven. Microwave on medium power for about 30 seconds. This method works well if you are using a glass mug.
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Solution 3: Adjust “Keep Warm Hours” Time On Your Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

If you are having problems heating your coffee maker, try adjusting the “keep warm hours” setting. To adjust the “keep warm hour” simply turn the dial clockwise until the desired time appears.

Keep Warm Hours

To set the Keep Warm Hour, press the button labeled “Set”. Then, select the time from the menu.

Solution 4: Check Your Coffee Maker’s Thermostat

If you notice that your coffee maker isn’t heating properly, check the thermostat. It could be defective. To check if the thermostat is working correctly, turn off the power switch and wait about 15 minutes. After waiting, turn the power back on and see if the coffee maker heats up again. If not, replace the thermostat.

Solution 5: Contact Technician

If you notice that your coffeemaker isn’t heating up properly, contact a technician. He/she will be able to help you determine what is wrong with your coffeemaker.

Why is my coffee machine not getting hot enough?

If you notice any issues while using the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew, check if the heating element is working properly. To test the heating element, turn off the power switch and press the button repeatedly until the display turns off. If the display does not turn off, replace the heating element. If the display still does not turn off after replacing the heating element, contact Hamilton Beach Customer Service.

How do I program my Hamilton Beach Brewstation?

Cuisinart coffee makers are designed to brew coffee quickly and efficiently. However, if you are having problems brewing coffee using your Cuisinart coffee maker, it could be because of several reasons. First, the beans used in the coffee maker may not be compatible with the machine. Second, the coffee maker may not have been cleaned properly. Third, the coffee maker may be defective. Lastly, the coffee maker may have gone bad. To determine what the problem is, try cleaning the coffee maker thoroughly. Make sure that the grounds are removed from the filter basket and that the coffee maker is completely clean. If these steps fail to resolve the issue, contact a local repair shop or call 1-800-CUSTOMER 1-800-876-8325 for assistance.

How do I reset my Hamilton Beach coffee maker?

If you notice that your Hamilton Beach FlexBrew isn’t brewing, check if the heating element is turned off. If it is still hot, turn it off and wait for 5 minutes. Turn it back on and try again. If it still doesn’t brew, contact us for further assistance.

How do I make my coffee maker hotter?

If you want to make your coffee warmer, you can try using a different type of filter. Coffee filters are designed to trap the oils from coffee grounds, but if you put regular paper filters in your coffeemaker, you can get rid of the oils and make your coffee taste better. To make your coffee hotter, you can either buy a new coffee maker or simply use a stovetop method. Simply place a cup of hot water in a saucepan and pour in your coffee grounds. Let the mixture sit for about 5 minutes, then strain the liquid into another mug. This method works well for making espresso drinks.

Why is my Hamilton Beach FlexBrew not brewing?

To reset the timer, simply turn off the power switch and wait until the display turns off. Then press the button on top of the machine to reset the timer. To set the timer, hold down the button until the display explains 00:00. Press the button again to save the setting.

Why is my Cuisinart coffee maker not making hot coffee?

To program your Hamilton Beach Brewstation, simply press the button labeled “Program” located on the front panel. This will bring up the menu screen where you can select from among several different options. For instance, if you wanted to set the timer to cook for 30 minutes, you could choose the option called “30 Minutes”. To change the temperature, you would click on the “Temp” option. Once you have selected what you want, press the “OK” button to save your changes.

How do you troubleshoot a Hamilton Beach FlexBrew?

Coffee machines are designed to get very hot, but if you are using a cold brew method, it won’t get hot enough. Cold brew methods involve brewing coffee from cold water. This process takes longer than regular drip coffee because the grounds take longer to dissolve. To ensure your coffee gets hot enough, use a thermometer to check the temperature. It’s important to note that the temperature of the water doesn’t matter, only the temperature of the brewed coffee.  If you’re using a cold brew method and your coffee isn’t getting hot enough, try adding a bit more ground coffee to the filter basket.

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