I started my blog, Oliver Cafe, as a way to document my culinary adventures and share my recipes with friends and family. I’ve always enjoyed cooking, but I never imagined that I could turn it into a career. I’m so glad I did! It has opened up a whole new world for me, and I’ve met some amazing people along the way.
I’ve worked in restaurants for over 10 years now, and I’m excited to see where this path takes me next. I’m currently pursuing a degree in Culinary Management at Johnson & Wales University, and I hope to continue to grow in this field.

I started my blog, TheKitchen, as a way to explain my love of cooking with family and friends. I never thought I could turn it into a full-time job. I’m so happy that I did! It has brought me to places I never imagined. I can honestly say I’ve been inspired by everyone’s recipes and meals.

  1. I’m a chef, food writer, and blogger living in Minnesota. I love to cook and bake, garden, and spend time outside enjoying nature. I’m married to a wonderful man, and we have 2 children. We are currently renovating our house and trying to grow our own vegetables.
  2. I’m a Certified Personal Trainer and ACE Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist. I love helping people reach their health goals. I believe in a holistic approach to wellness and nutrition. I’m passionate about fitness and nutrition because I see firsthand how these factors affect your overall well being. I love to teach and inspire others to lead healthier lifestyles.
  3. I love to travel and explore new places. I’ve visited over 40 countries and hope to visit many more before I die. I love meeting new people and learning about their culture.
  4. I’m a big fan of coffee and tea. I drink both daily. Coffee keeps me going throughout the day and helps me stay focused. Tea relaxes me after a hard workout or stressful day.
  5. I love to write and create things. I love to write stories, poems, songs, and articles. I’ve created a few eBooks and a couple of short stories. I’d love to continue writing and creating things.
  6. I’m a proud mommy to a beautiful daughter. She makes my life complete. I also have a son who will soon be joining us.