Gas Oven Won’t Stay Lit: 5 Ways To Fix

Gas oven won’t stay lit: 5 ways to fix Gas oven won’ t stay lit: 5 ways t o fix

You’ve probably heard of gas ovens before, but did you know they come with some serious drawbacks?
For example, gas ovens don’t always light properly or heat evenly.
If you want to get rid of those problems, here are five things you should know.

Check the pilot light.
The pilot light is the tiny flame at the bottom of the burner that ignites the gas.
If it isn’t working, check the flue pipe.
If the pipe is clogged, try cleaning it out.
Also, make sure the vent pipe is clear.

Clean the burner.
Use a damp cloth to wipe away grease from the burner.
Be careful not to touch the hot surface

adequately cleaned

If your gas oven won’t stay lit, chances are the pilot light isn’t working properly. A pilot light is a tiny flame that burns continuously to provide warmth and safety to the rest of the burner. It’s located near the bottom of the oven door. If the pilot light doesn’t burn long enough to ignite the gas, the oven won’t turn on.
To check if the pilot light is burning, open the oven door and look down into the oven cavity. If you see a small flame, the pilot light is working. If not, try these other troubleshooting steps:
1. Check the pilot light switch. This is usually located near the top left corner of the oven door. Make sure the switch is turned on.

Gas Oven Won’t Stay Lit

If your gas oven won’t stay lit, chances are your pilot light isn’t working properly. A pilot lamp is a tiny flame that provides warmth and safety to the remainder of the burner. It’s located near the base of the oven door. To check if the pilot light works, open the oven door, and look down into the cavity. If you see any sort of flame, the pilot light works. If not, attempt these other troubleshooting steps.
2. Check the pilot light fuse. This is usually located next to the pilot light switch. Make certain the fus
e is in good condition.
3. Replace the pilot light bulb. If the pilot light still doesn’t work after replacing the fuse, replace the bulb.

Check if the oven is getting proper gas supply:

Gas ovens typically have two valves that regulate the flow of gas into the oven. One regulates the flow of gas from the tank to the burner, while the second regulates the flow of gas to the pilot light. If either of these valves malfunctions, the gas will not reach the burner or the pilot light.


If the gas is flowing properly but the pilot light is not working, check the pilot light switch. It could be dirty or corroded. Cleaning the switch will usually fix the problem. If the pilot light is still not working, try replacing the pilot light bulb.

call a professional

If the pilot light is not lighting, you may need to replace the pilot light bulb. To replace the bulb, remove the burner from the stovetop and unscrew the burner base. Remove the burner assembly and set aside. Next, remove the burner knob and turn off the gas supply. Disconnect the electrical cord from the wall outlet. Unscrew the old pilot light bulb and install the new one. Replace the burner assembly and tighten the screws. Turn on the gas and test the pilot light. If the pilot light works, replace the burner knob and reconnect the electrical cord to the wall outlet.

Make sure to clean the residue in the flame distributor pipe:

To clean the residue in the flue pipe, pour 1 cup of baking soda into the bottom of the flue pipe. Let stand for about 30 minutes. Then, drain the baking soda and rinse thoroughly with hot water. Repeat this process until no more residue remains.

Clean the pilot:

1. Remove the pilot light from the stove top burner.
2. Turn off the gas supply to the stove.
3. Open the pilot vent located on the side of the stove.
4. Remove the pilot light bulb.
5. Clean the pilot vent with soap and warm water.
6. Replace the pilot light bulb.

old used toothbrush

To clean the pilot, remove the pilot light from the burner. Turn off the gas to the stove. Open the pilot vent on the side of the burner. Remove the pilot lightbulb. Clean the pilot vent using a soft cloth. Replace the pilot lightbulb and turn on the gas.

The sensor flame is dirty:

Turn off the gas to the oven. Unplug the oven. Remove the oven door panel. Check the sensor flame. If the sensor flame is dirty, clean it using a soft cloth. Plug the oven back into the wall outlet. Reinstall the oven door panel. Turn on the gas.

Is your Thermocouple broken?

Thermocouples are used to measure the temperature of the oven. A thermocouple consists of two wires connected together at one end and joined to a junction box at the other. One wire goes into the oven while the other wire goes into the junction box. When the oven heats up, the junction box gets hot and the thermocouple wires get hotter. This creates a voltage difference between the junction box and the wires. This voltage difference is measured by a voltmeter. The higher the voltage, the hotter the oven.

contact the official support helpline

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turn off the main gas supply

Turning off the main gas supply is done by turning off the gas tap at the wall socket. This is usually located near the stove top. To turn off the gas tap, first locate the gas tap. It is usually marked ‘gas’ or ‘gas supply’. Next, turn the gas tap clockwise until it stops. Then turn the gas tap anti-clockwise until it starts again. Turn the gas tap off completely when you are finished.

Regular servicing

To ensure your gas appliance runs smoothly, it is important to service your gas appliances regularly. Gas appliances need regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent any damage from occurring. Regular cleaning helps to remove dirt and debris from the appliance. Cleaning your gas appliance regularly will help to maintain the efficiency of the appliance.


Regularly clean your gas appliances. This includes washing the exterior of the appliance, removing the lids and cleaning the interior parts. It is important to wash the outside of the appliance thoroughly because it collects dust and other particles that could get into the appliance and cause problems. Cleaning the inside of the appliance is equally important because it prevents the accumulation of dust and other particles that can cause problems.

How do you clean a thermocouple pilot light?

Thermocouples are used in many different types of devices such as ovens, stoves, and even car engines. Thermocouples measure the temperature of something by using a wire that runs from the hot side of the device to the cold side of the device. To clean a thermocouple, simply wipe off any dirt or grease with a dry cloth. This will prevent corrosion and ensure that the thermocouple continues to function properly.

How do you clean a thermocouple on a gas oven?

Gas ovens are very common appliances used in homes today. It is important to understand how these devices work and what could go wrong if something goes wrong. Gas ovens are powered by natural gas and electricity. The gas comes from the supply line into the appliance and is converted into energy that powers the heating element. Electricity is generated by the electric motor and is connected to the heating elements. This is why we see the two different types of power supplies in our gas ovens.

Why does my gas cooker oven keep going out?

Thermocouples are used to measure the temperature of various parts of the oven. To clean a thermocouple, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth. Make sure not to get any moisture into the sensor itself. Thermocouples are usually located near the heating element, but if yours isn’t, you’ll have to remove the element to access it.

How do you clean a thermocouple?

Thermocouples are used to measure the temperature of a flame. Thermocouples are usually found in gas stoves and ovens. A thermocouple consists of two wires connected together. One wire acts as a sensor while the other wire acts as a transmitter. The thermocouple sends a signal to the stove indicating the temperature of the flame. The thermocouple is placed near the burner where the flame is located. The thermocouple measures the temperature of the flame and transmits the information to the stove. The thermocouple needs to be cleaned periodically. To clean the thermocouple, remove the thermocouple from the stove and place it into a glass jar filled with alcohol. Let the thermocouple soak in the alcohol for about 30 minutes. After soaking, wipe off the thermocouple using a soft cloth. Do not immerse the thermocouple into the alcohol because it could damage the thermocouple.

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