9 Ways To Fix Kenmore Fridge Not Cooling But Freezer Working

Kenmore refrigerator repair is a common problem for homeowners.
If your fridge isn’t cooling properly or your freezer won’t freeze food, it might be time to call a professional appliance repair technician.

Fridges are one of the most important appliances in every home.
They store our food and beverages, keeping them fresh and ready to eat or drink at any moment.
Unfortunately, fridges aren’t always reliable.
Sometimes they fail to cool down or freeze foods properly.
This can cause a variety of problems, from spoiled food to frozen pipes.

Fridge repairs require specialized tools and knowledge.
For example, refrigerant leaks can be dangerous, so you should never attempt to fix these issues yourself.
Instead, contact a professional appliance repair technician who has experience fixing these types of problems

How to Fix Kenmore Fridge Not Cooling But Freezer Working?

Kenmore refrigerator not cooling but freezer working is a common problem faced by many people. It happens because of various reasons such as faulty thermostat, bad fan motor, broken compressor, damaged evaporator coil, blocked air vents, and other issues. In order to fix kenmore fridge not cooling but freezer working, we need to check whether the refrigerator is running properly or not. If the refrigerator is not running properly, then we need to replace the part immediately. We suggest you to contact the service center of Kenmore company to get professional help.

1. Inspect The Evaporator Coils

Check the evaporator coils if they are dirty or clogged. Clean the coils using a vacuum cleaner or brush. If the coils are clogged, then clean them using compressed air.
2. Check The Fan Motor
Answer: Check the fan motor if it is noisy or making any unusual noise. Replace the fan motor if it fails to start or stops while operating.

2. What About The Fan Motor?

Fan motors are usually located near the top of the unit. To check the fan motor, remove the front panel and locate the fan motor. It is usually attached to the back side of the fan motor. Remove the fan motor from the unit and inspect it for loose wires, worn brushes, bent brushes, broken wire connections, damaged stator windings, cracked insulators, or other damage. If the fan motor looks good, replace it.
3. Check The Thermostat
Answer: Check the thermostat if it is not working properly. Replace the thermostat if the temperature setting does not change when the switch is turned on and off.

3. Damper Control

Check the damper control if it is not working correctly. Replace the damper control if the damper does not open and close normally.
4. Check The Overload Relay
Answer: Check the overload relay if it is not working. Replace the overload relay if the overload indicator light comes on continuously.

4. Note The Thermistor

Note the thermistor if it is not working properly. Replace the thermistor if the temperature reading is inaccurate.
5. Check The Heater Element
Answer: Check the heater
element if it is not working normally. Replace the heater element if the heating element is damaged.

5. Control Board

Check the control board if it is not working correctly. Replace the control board if the control board is damaged.
6. Cleaning
Answer: Clean the filter and the heating elements.

6. Check The Defrost Thermostat

If the defrost thermostat is stuck open, turn off the power supply to the unit. Open the door of the unit and remove the defrost thermostats. Remove any ice build-up from the defrost thermostatic switch. Turn the unit back on and check the defrost thermostate. If the defrost thermostating switch is still frozen shut, repeat these steps until the defrost thermostated switch opens.
7. Check the Drain Pump

Answer: If the drain pump is clogged, replace the drain pump.

7. Defrost Timer

Defrost timer is used to set the defrosting time. It is located on the front side of the machine.
8. Clean the Filter
Answer: Clean the filter every two months.

8. Air Damper

Air damper is used to prevent the air from entering into the machine. This is very important because if the air enters into the machine, it will affect the performance of the machine.
9. Water Level Indicator
Answer: Water level indicator is used to explain the water level in the bowl.

9. Overstuffing

Overstuffed rice cooker is not good for the health. It will lead to many problems such as gas leakage, short circuit, and other issues. So it is better to avoid using it.
10. Safety Switch
Answer: Safety switch is used to stop the operation of the machine automatically if any problem occurs.

How do I fix my Kenmore Elite refrigerator not cooling?

If the freezer works but the fridge does not, it could mean that the compressor is working properly but the fan is not. This is usually caused by a bad connection between the fan motor and the compressor. It is recommended to check the connections between the fan motor and compressor.

Why is my freezer making snow?

Kenmore Elite Refrigerators have a built-in condensation system that helps cool the air inside the fridge. This system works by drawing cold outside air into the unit via the front grill vents. The cooled air is then circulated throughout the interior of the fridge. The air is then blown back out the rear grill vents. The fans used in these systems are located behind the rear grill vents.

How do I reset my Kenmore refrigerator?

If you notice that your refrigerator is running but your freezer isn’t, check the power switch. It’s possible that the power cord was disconnected from the wall socket. To fix this problem, simply reconnect the power cord to the wall socket and turn the power back on.

What would cause a Kenmore Elite refrigerator to stop cooling?

Kenmore Elite Refrigerators are designed to be reliable and long lasting. However, if you notice any problems with your fridge, you should contact a professional immediately. Here are some common reasons why your Kenmore Elite Refrigerator stops working properly.
1 Water Leakage – This happens when the ice maker leaks water into the freezer compartment. To fix this problem, you should turn off the power supply to the unit, remove the ice tray from the bottom of the freezer, and check for any cracks or holes in the ice tray. If you see any damage, replace the ice tray and tighten the screws holding it in place.
2 Compressor Failure – A compressor failure could happen because of a bad connection between the compressor and the evaporator coil. To repair this issue, you should disconnect the power supply to the refrigerator and open the door. Remove the evaporator coil from the back panel of the refrigerator, and inspect for any loose connections. If you see any damaged parts, replace them.

Why is my freezer working but not my fridge Kenmore?

If you have forgotten how to reset your Kenmore refrigerator, here are the steps to follow: 1 Press and hold the power button until the display turns off. 2 Press and hold the Power button again until the display goes back on. 3 Press the Menu button the square symbol. 4 Select Reset from the menu. 5 Press OK. 6 Press the power button to turn the unit on. 7 Press the Menu button to return to the main screen. 8 Press the OK button to confirm the operation. 9 Press the power button again to exit the menu. 10 Press the power button until the unit shuts down. 11 Remove the battery and wait 30 minutes. 12 Reinsert the battery and press the power button to start the unit. 13 Press the Menu button and select the option to restore factory defaults. 14 Press the OK button. 15 Press the power button and wait about

Where is the condenser fan on a Kenmore Elite refrigerator?

Freezers are designed to freeze items quickly and efficiently. However, if the freezer is not properly maintained, the freezing process could become inefficient. This could result in ice build-up around the door and the freezer itself. This buildup can lead to a blockage that prevents air from circulating freely within the freezer. As a result, the freezer becomes warmer than normal and the contents begin to melt. This melted ice then refreezes into snow.

What is wrong when the freezer works but the refrigerator doesn t?

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