4 Common Gourmia Air Fryer Problems (Troubleshooting)

Air fryers are great for cooking food at home because they allow you to cook without having to worry about grease splatters or messy pans.
They also save time since you don’t have to stand over a hot stovetop.

However, air fryers aren’t perfect.
There are some common problems that can arise with them.
If you’ve ever had trouble with your gourmet air fryer, then you’ll want to read this article.

The gourmet air fryer has become very popular in recent years.
These devices are designed to cook foods such as chicken wings, french fries, and even pizza.
They are convenient and offer a healthier option compared to deep frying.

There are four common problems that can occur with these appliances.
In this article, I’ll go through each problem and explain how to fix them

All the Common Problems with Gourmia Air Fryer

Gourmia air fryer is a very popular appliance used for cooking food. It is easy to operate and gives fast results. But if you face any problem while using gourmia air fryer, you can contact us. We provide 24/7 customer support service. Below mentioned are the common problems with gourmia air fryers.
1. No Heat – Check whether the heating element is working properly.
2. Hot Oil Spill – In case of hot oil spill, immediately turn off the power supply and remove the pan from the heater. Then clean the area with soap and water.

Black Smoke Coming Out of Air Fryer

If you see black smoke coming out of the air fryer, it indicates that the burner is not working properly. To fix this issue, you need to replace the burner.

Getting Burnt Food

Burnt food is very common in any type of ovens. It happens because of improper heating. In case if you notice burnt smell while baking, it is always better to check whether the oven is functioning properly or not. If the problem persists, call the service center immediately.

Food or Air Fryer Smells

If you notice a strong smell coming from the air fryer, it could mean that the unit needs cleaning. To clean your air fryer, remove the basket and spray the inside with a mixture of warm water and vinegar. Rinse well and let dry completely. Then, wipe down the outside of the air fryer using a damp cloth. This will help prevent future odors.

Air Flow Making Food Fly

Air flow is the key to making sure your food cooks evenly. It’s important to ensure that the air flow is not blocked by any objects. Make sure that the air vents are clear and unobstructed. Also, try to avoid placing anything directly under the heating element.

Why would a ninja air fryer stop working?

Ninja Air Fryers are very popular among people who love to cook healthy meals. It is easy to use and cooks food fast. This appliance is designed to help you save time while cooking. It is safe to say that this product is not only useful but also affordable. However, if you are using this product for the first time, you should know that it does not have a fuse. Therefore, you should always turn off the power supply after use.

Where is the reset button on my air fryer?

There is no reset button on the Ninja Air Fryer. It is not possible to reset the timer. However, if you press the power button, it will turn off and back on again.

Why has my air fryer stopped working?

Ninja Air Fryer is a great product but if you are not using it properly then it could break down easily. It is very important to follow the instructions carefully while using it.

How do I reset my ninja air fryer?

Gourmia air fryers are designed to cook food quickly and efficiently. However, if you are using the wrong type of oil, the gasket could become damaged and prevent proper sealing. This could result in overheating and damage to the unit. To avoid this problem, ensure that you use the correct type of oil for your model. Also, check the manual to see how to properly clean the gasket.

Why does my Gourmia Air Fryer keep turning off?

To reset your Ninja Air Fryer, simply turn off the power switch located near the top of the unit. Then remove the bottom plate from the base of the unit. Next, remove the two screws holding the heating element in place. Finally, slide the heating element back into position. Once the heating element is in place, press down firmly on the button located on the front of the unit to complete the reset process.

Why did my Ninja air fryer stop working?

Air Fryers are very popular nowadays because they allow people to enjoy crispy fried food without having to spend hours in the kitchen. However, if you are using an air fryer for the first time, you need to know how to troubleshoot problems. Air fryers usually have a built-in thermostat that regulates the temperature. It is important to check whether the temperature setting is correct. If the temperature is set too low, the food will not get cooked properly. On the other hand, if the temperature is set too high, the food will burn easily. In addition, the fan needs to be turned off while the food is being cooked. This prevents the food from getting burnt.

Is there a reset button on Ninja air fryer?

There is no reset button on the air fryer. To turn off the air fryer, press and hold the power button until the display turns off. To turn on the air fryer, simply press and release the power button.

Does a ninja air fryer have a fuse?

Ninja Air Fryers are designed to be used in a conventional oven. If you try to use it in a conventional oven, it won’t work because it’s not designed for that purpose. It’s very easy to use. Just put the ingredients into the Ninja Air Fryer and press the button. It will automatically adjust the temperature according to what you’re cooking. After 10 minutes, the food will be ready.

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