4 Common GE Profile Oven Problems (Troubleshooting)

GE profile ovens are great appliances, but they aren’t always perfect.
If you’ve ever had trouble with your oven, then you know how frustrating it can be.

GE profile ovens are designed to cook food evenly and efficiently.
They come with a built-in thermostat and timer, plus a variety of features to help you get the best out of them.

Here are some common problems that might occur with your GE profile oven and how to fix them

GE Profile Oven Problems

1. Check the power cord connection. Make sure that the plug end of the cord is firmly plugged into the wall socket. If not, unplug the appliance from the wall socket and check if the problem persists.
2. Check the oven door switch. Turn off the oven and open the door. Press the “close” button on the front panel. If the light turns green, press the “open” button again. If the light remains red, replace the door switch.

1) The Burners Are Heating But Oven Is Not

If the burners are heating but the oven isn’t, check the following:
a Make sure the oven is turned on.
b Make sure the oven door is closed.

Shutoff Valve

1 The Burners Are Heat But Oven Is Not – If the burners are heating, but the oven is not, check the following:  A. Make sure the oven is on. B. Make sure the oven door/lid is closed. C. Check the shutoff valve. D. Check the pilot light. E. Turn off the gas supply. F. Turn off the main burner. G. Check the thermostat. H. Check the oven thermometer. I. Check the oven door latch. J. Check the oven door hinge. K. Check the oven handle. L. Check the oven door hinges. M. Check the oven door seals. N. Check the oven floor. O. Check the oven exhaust fan. P. Check the oven vent pipe. Q. Check the oven exhaust duct. R. Check the oven filter. S. Check the oven air intake vents. T. Check the oven exhaust register. U. Check the oven exhaust registers. V. Check the oven exhaust damper. W. Check the oven exhaust

Oven Controls

A. Make sure the oven was turned on when you checked the burners. B. Make sure that the oven door is closed. C. Make sure that the pilot light is lit. D. Make sure that the gas supply is turned off. E. Make sure that the thermostat is set correctly. F. Make sure that the main burner is turned off. G. Make sure that the flame sensor is working properly. H. Make sure that the heater element is clean. I. Make sure that the door latch is secure. J. Make sure that the handle is secured. K. Make sure that the hinges are secure. L. Make sure that the seals around the doors are good. M. Make sure that the floor is clean. N. Make sure that the exhaust fan is running. O. Make sure that the filters are clean. P. Make sure that the ducts are clear. Q. Make sure that the damper is open. R. Make sure that the registers are clean. S. Make sure that the vents are clear. T. Make sure that the timer is set correctly. U. Make sure that the vent pipes are free from debris. V. Make sure that the dampers are open. W. Make sure that the filter is clean. X. Make sure that the temperature dial is set correctly. Y. Make sure that the controls are all working properly. Z. Make sure that the power cord is plugged into an outlet.


A. Make sure that the thermometer is accurate. B. Make sure the oven is not overloaded. C. Make sure the oven door is closed tightly. D. Make sure the oven isn’t smoking. E. Make sure the oven doesn’t smell burnt. F. Make sure the oven temperature is correct. G. Make sure the oven has been preheated. H. Make sure the oven hasn’t been used recently. I. Make sure the oven light is on. J. Make sure the oven wasn’t left unattended. K. Make sure the oven’s self cleaning feature is disabled. L. Make sure the oven rack is removed. M. Make sure the oven temp is correct. N. Make sure the oven’s interior is clean. O. Make sure the oven racks aren’t blocked. P. Make sure the oven shelves are cleared. Q. Make sure the oven timer is set correctly. R. Make sure the oven handles are clean. S. Check the oven’s safety switches. T.

Sabbath Mode

A. Make sure the thermometer is accurate B. Make sure the door is closed tightly C. Make sure the door isn’t open D. Make sure the door handle isn’t hot E. Make sure the door doesn’t smoke F. Make sure the door has been cleaned G. Make sure the door was preheated H. Make sure the door hasn’t been opened recently I. Make sure the door light is on J. Make sure the door wasn’t left alone K. Make sure the door handles are clean L. Make sure the door shelves aren’t blocked M. Make sure the door racks aren’t blocked N. Make sure the door temp is correct O. Make sure the door’s interior is clean P. Make sure the door’s handles are clean Q. Make sure the door timer is set correctly R. Make sure the door safety switches are clean S. Make sure the oven handle is clean T. Sabbath mode is an option available on some ovens. It allows the user to turn off the heating elements during Shabbat Jewish sabbatical and other holidays.

2) Inaccurate Temperature

If the temperature is not accurate, the food will not be cooked properly. This could lead to health issues such as food poisoning.
3 Overcooked Food
Answer: Overcooked food is usually dry and tasteless.

Bake Element

Overheating the oven element can damage the heating elements and shorten the life span of the oven.


An igniter is used to ignite the gas in the oven. It is usually located near the door handle.
Oven light
Answer: Oven
lights are used to illuminate the interior of the oven while baking. These lights are usually placed on top of the oven.

Broil Element

A broiling element is used to heat the surface of the food being cooked. This element is usually found on top of the oven where the heating elements are located.

3) Temperature Control Thermostat

Temperature control thermostats are designed to regulate the temperature of the oven. It is used to maintain the desired temperature inside the oven. These thermostats are available in two types, analog and digital. Analog thermostats are easy to operate but these thermostats cannot be programmed. Digital thermostats are programmable and can be easily controlled using a remote control.
4 Oven Light
Answer: An oven light is used to illuminate the interior of the oven during cooking. A light bulb is placed inside the oven to provide illumination.

4) Light Is Out

Light is out if the light does not turn on after pressing the button.
5 Timer
Answer: Timer is used to set a timer for cooking. This feature is very useful for people who are busy and forget to check the cooking process.

How do you fix an oven that won’t heat up?

If you notice that your oven isn’t heating properly, check the thermostat. It’s located under the front panel near the door hinge. If the thermostat is set to “off”, turn it to “heat”. If the thermostat still doesn’t work, try resetting the oven using the instructions below. Resetting the oven will clear any previous settings. To reset the oven, follow these steps: 1 Press and hold the power button the red button until the display turns off. 2 Remove the oven from the wall socket. 3 Turn the dials clockwise until the display reads 0°C. 4 Replace the oven back into the wall socket. 5 Press the power button again to turn the oven on. 6 Wait 10 minutes for the oven to warm up. 7 Once the oven reaches the desired temperature, press the power button again to save the new setting. 8 Press the power button to exit the menu. 9 Press the power

Why is my GE Profile oven not heating up?

Yes, GE stoves have a Reset button. It is located on the front panel of the stove. Pressing the reset button will clear the display screen and allow you to set the clock back to zero.

Do GE stoves have a reset button?

Your oven may not be working properly. Check the power cord, plug, and fuse box. Also check the thermostat if it is set correctly. Make sure the door closes tightly. If these steps fail, call a professional repairman.

How do I troubleshoot my GE Profile oven?

Ovens are very important appliances in any household. It’s not only used for baking but also for heating food. But sometimes, we face issues while using our ovens. One of the common problems is that the oven doesn’t heat up. This problem occurs because of many reasons. First thing you need to check if the power supply is working properly. Check whether the fuse is blown or not. If everything is fine, then try to clean the vents. Sometimes, dust accumulates in the vents and obstructs the flow of air. So, remove the vent covers and clean them thoroughly. Also, check whether the door is closed properly. If it’s open, then close it. If the oven still doesn’t heat up after cleaning the vents, then you need to replace the thermostat.

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