3 Common Sanyo Rice Cooker Problems With Solutions

Sanyo rice cookers are great appliances that allow you to prepare delicious meals at home.
They come with a variety of features such as timer, automatic shut off, and even a built-in steamer basket.
However, they also have some common problems that you should know about before buying one.

With over 100 million units sold worldwide, Sanyo has become a household name in the kitchen appliance industry.
The company was founded in Japan in 1949 and now operates from offices in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya.

“Sanyo rice cooker problems”
Here are 3 common problems that you might encounter with your Sanyo rice cooker

Sanyo Rice Cooker Problems

If you have any problems with your sanyo rice cooker, please follow these steps below to solve your problem.
1 Make sure that the rice cooker is plugged into a power source.
2 Turn off the power switch of the rice cooker.

1) Light Flashing but not heating

This indicates that the rice cooker is still working properly. It does not mean that the rice cooker is broken.
2 Heating but
no light flashing
Answer: This indicates that the rice cooker needs repair. Please contact our customer service team immediately.


1 Check if the power supply is connected correctly. 2 Make sure that the plug is inserted into the socket firmly. 3 Remove the rice cooker from the socket and check whether the power cord is plugged into the wall outlet firmly. 4 Reset the rice cooker to factory default setting. 5 Clean the rice cooker thoroughly. 6 Replace the rice cooker filter. 7 Turn off the power switch and wait for about 10 minutes. 8 Replug the rice cooker back into the socket. 9 Press the reset button again. 10 Wait for about 30 seconds and press the start button. 11 Press the stop button and wait for about 15 seconds. 12 Press the start button again. 13 Press the stop button again. 14 Press the start button and wait for about 30 seconds. 15 Press the stop button. 16 Press the start button. 17 Press the stop button after about 30 seconds. 18 Press

2) Lid Getting Stuck

1 First thing you need to do is turn the rice cooker upside down. This will allow you to see if the lid is stuck. If it is not stuck, try turning it right side up. If it still does not open, remove the lid and clean it.
2 Second thing you need to do, is to push the lid towards the front of the rice cooker. This will release any air bubbles trapped under the lid. Once done, put the lid back on and turn the rice cooker back on.

3) Not Turning on

First thing you need to do to check if the rice cooker is turned off is to press the power button. If the light turns on, it means the rice cooker is turned on. If the light doesn’t turn on, it means the switch is faulty.
4 Water Leaks Out
Answer: To fix the problem, you need to remove the bottom plate from the rice cooker. Then, pour some hot water into the rice cooker. Wait until the water stops leaking. After that, replace the bottom plate.


To solve the problem, you need only to clean the inner parts of the rice cooker.
5 Rice Sticks Too Soft
Answer: To solve the problem, you should put the rice sticks back into the rice cooker after you cooked them.

How do I unlock my rice cooker?

Rice cooker does not steam because the water level is too low. To steam rice, you need to fill the rice cooker with enough water.
If you fill the rice cooker with only 1 cup of water, it won’t steam. It’s recommended to fill the rice cooker half full with water.

What causes a rice cooker to stop working?

Steam rice cookers have a vent pipe that allows steam to escape from the inner chamber. This pipe needs to be cleaned periodically. To clean the steam rice cooker vent pipe, remove the lid and wash the vent pipe with hot water. Make sure not to put any soap or detergent into the steam rice cooker vent. After washing the vent pipe, dry it using a cloth.

What to do if rice cooker is not working?

Rice cookers are very useful appliances. But sometimes, they stop working properly. So how do we know whether our rice cooker is working properly? Here are some tips to check if your rice cooker is working fine:
1 Check the power switch. It should be turned off.
2 Make sure the heating element is not blocked.

How do you unstuck rice in a rice cooker?

Rice cookers are very useful devices but sometimes they get stuck and won’t turn off. To fix this problem, simply press the power button until the display turns off. Then remove the plug from the wall outlet and wait about 30 seconds. Plug the appliance back into the outlet and try again. This should clear any issues with the rice cooker.

How can you reset a rice cooker?

Rice is sticky and hard to get out of the cooker. To remove the cooked rice from the cooker, place the cooker upside down on a flat surface. Then, gently tap the base of the cooker until the rice comes out.

How do I know if my rice cooker is working?

Rice cooker is a very useful appliance that helps us to save our time and energy. But sometimes we face problem while using rice cooker. So here I am sharing some tips to solve these problems.
1 Check whether the power supply is connected properly.
2 Make sure that the switch is turned off.

How do you clean a steam rice cooker vent?

Rice cookers are very popular because they are easy to operate and maintain. However, if you are using a rice cooker for the first time, you should know how to clean and repair it. Cleaning a rice cooker is not difficult but it does take some effort. It is recommended that you wash the rice cooker after every use. This way you can ensure that the rice cooker is free from any dirt or dust particles. After cleaning, dry the rice cooker thoroughly. Make sure that the rice cooker is completely dry before putting it away. Do not store the rice cooker in direct sunlight. Heat can damage the inner parts of the rice cooker. Also, avoid placing the rice cooker near a radiator or heater. These elements can increase the temperature of the rice cooker. If you notice any cracks or damages in the rice cooker, replace it immediately.

Why is my rice cooker not steaming?

Rice cookers are very easy to operate. To open the lid, push down on the lever located near the top of the lid. To lock the lid, press the button located next to the lever.

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