3 Common Frigidaire Air Fryer Oven Problems (Troubleshooting)

Frigidaire air fryers are great appliances for cooking at home.
They are compact, convenient, and affordable.
Unfortunately, they also come with some common problems.
If you are experiencing these issues, don’t worry.
Follow our troubleshooting guide below to fix them.

The Frigidaire brand has been around since the 1930s.
This appliance manufacturer is known for its quality products and customer service.

There are three common problems associated with Frigidaire air fryers.
These include:
1 Slow heating
2 Overheating

Frigidaire Air Fryer Oven Problems

1. Overheating problem: This is very common problem in fridgiaire air fryer oven. It happens because of improper heating element. Check if the heating element is working properly. If not replace it.
2. Oven door won’t open/close: This is another common problem in fridgiare air fryer oven. Make sure the door handle is not broken or loose. Also check if the door switch is turned on.

1) The Air Fryer Oven Doesn’t Heat Up

If you notice that the air fryer doesn’t heat up, then you need to check if the heating element is defective. To check if the heating element works properly, turn off the power supply and remove the heating element from the base. Then plug in the AC adapter again and see if the heating element lights up. If it does, then you know that the heating element is working fine. If it doesn’t light up, then you need replacement.
2 The Air Fryer Door Won’t Open Or Close
Answer: This is another common problem in frigidaire air fryer ovens. If you notice that the airfryer door won’t open or close, then you need to first check if the door switch was turned on. If it wasn’t, then you need to turn it on. Next, check if the door knob is loose or damaged. If everything looks good, then you need to call a technician to fix it.


To check if the igniter is faulty, you need to first unplug the appliance from the wall socket. After that, hold the igniter button down for about 10 seconds until the LED indicator starts flashing. This explains that the igniter is working fine. If the LED indicator isn’t blinking, then you need to replace the igniter.
Answer: To test whether the thermostat is faulty, you need first to unplug the appliance from power source. After that, press the thermostat button for about 5 minutes. If the LED indicator turns red, then the thermostat is not working properly. In such case, you need to replace the thermostat.

Bake Element

To check whether the bake element is faulty, you need only to turn off the oven and remove the racks. Then, open the door and observe whether the element is glowing. If it is glowing, then the bake element is functioning normally. However, if it is not glowing, then you need to change the bake element.
Answer: To check whether the timer is faulty, you need simply to turn off the oven. After that, remove the racks. Open the door and observe whether any light comes on. If it does, then the timer is working fine. However, if no light comes on, then you need to repair the timer.

Power Issue

If the power issue occurs while using the oven, then you need to replace the fuse. In case the problem arises while using the oven, you need to switch off the circuit breaker. After that, unplug the appliance from the outlet. Finally, switch on the circuit breaker again.

Thermal Fuse

Thermal fuses are used to protect electrical circuits from overheating caused by short circuits or overloads. A thermal fuse is designed to blow when the current flowing through it reaches a certain level. Thermal fuses are available in different sizes and rated currents.
A typical fuse consists of two metal contacts separated by a thin layer of insulation material. One contact is connected to the hot wire the part of the circuit that generates heat and the other contact is connected to the neutral wire which carries no current. When the current exceeds the rating of the fuse, the insulation breaks down and the contacts touch each other, causing a short circuit. This creates enough heat to melt the insulation around the contacts, allowing the contacts to touch and complete the circuit.
Fuse Ratings

2) Making Excessive Noise

3 Not Working Properly
4 Overheating

3) Inaccurate Temperature

1 Make sure the power cord is plugged into a working outlet.
2 Check if the unit is turned off.
3 Make sure the unit is not damaged.

4 Clean the heating element.

Temperature Sensor

Thermostats are used to regulate the temperature of a particular area. It measures the temperature and sends a signal to the heating system to turn on or off. A thermostat consists of two parts; sensor and controller. The sensor converts the temperature into electrical signals and transmits it to the controller. The controller receives the signals from the sensor and controls the flow of current to the heater.

How do you troubleshoot a Frigidaire oven?

Frigidaire ovens have a built-in diagnostic system that allows you to troubleshoot any problems that occur within the oven. This includes errors such as the display panel not working properly, the door locking itself open, or the oven heating up excessively. To access the diagnostic menu, press the “Menu” button located on the front of the oven. Once the diagnostic menu appears, select the “Diagnostic” option from the list. A screen similar to the one below will appear. Press the “OK” button to continue.
Once the diagnostic menu loads, scroll down until you see the “Oven Diagnostics” section. Select the “Check Oven” option under this section. A new window will appear asking you to enter the model number of your oven. Enter the model number into the box provided and click the “Next” button. The next screen will ask you if you want to check the status of the oven. Click the “Yes” button. The last step asks you to choose whether you want to run a self test on the oven. Choose the “Yes’ button. The oven will now begin running a self test. After the self test completes, the results will appear on the screen. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “OK’ button. The diagnostic report will load automatically. Review the information on the screen and follow the instructions to correct any issues found.

Why won’t my Frigidaire oven heat up?

Ovens have many different parts and controls. It is important to understand what each part does and how to operate it properly. Resetting the oven control board is easy if you know where to look. First locate the oven door switch. This is usually located near the front of the oven. Next turn off the power to the oven by unplugging the cord from the wall outlet. Then remove the three screws holding the back panel of the oven in place. Remove the back panel. Now locate the oven control board. It is usually located under the oven floor. Turn the oven on again and press the button labeled “reset”. Pressing the button will bring up a menu screen. Choose the option “Reset Oven Control Board”. A message will indicate that the oven control board has been reset.

How do you reset a Frigidaire oven control board?

If you are having problems with your oven, you can reset it by pressing the buttons on the front panel. Pressing the “Reset” button will clear any errors from the display. Resetting the oven will not affect the settings. It will only clear the error messages. To reset the oven, press the “Reset/Off” button. This will turn off the power to the unit. After turning off the power, wait about 10 seconds and then press the “On” button again. Once the oven turns back on, it will go into normal operation mode.

How do I reset my Frigidaire oven?

Frigidaire ovens are very easy to operate. To reset the oven simply turn the knob clockwise until the display reads “0°C”. This indicates that the oven is set to the desired temperature. Turn the knob counterclockwise until the display reads 0°F. This indicates that the temperature is correct. Resetting the oven will not affect any preprogrammed functions. For example, if you set the oven to bake, it will continue to bake after being reset. However, if you set the timer to bake, it will stop counting down after being reset.

How do I reset my GE oven?

Frigidaire ovens have a series of buttons that allow you to adjust the temperature of the oven. These buttons are located on the front panel of the oven. To change the setting, press the button until the desired setting appears. Press the button again to lock the new setting into place. Resetting the oven controls is easy if you know what you are doing.

How do I reset my oven control board?

If you notice that your oven does not heat up, chances are that your thermostat is malfunctioning. It could be because of a bad connection between the heating element and the thermostat. To fix this problem, you can try to replace the thermostat. However, if you cannot locate the faulty part, you can call a professional technician to repair it.

How do I clear the error code on my Frigidaire oven?

Frigidaire ovens are designed to provide even heating throughout the oven cavity. This is accomplished by using convection fans to circulate air within the oven cavity. These fans are controlled by a thermostat located near the top of the oven door. When the oven is turned on, the fan circulates warm air from the bottom of the oven towards the top. As the air passes through the oven, it picks up moisture and cools down. Because the air is cooler, it returns to the bottom of the oven where it heats up again. This process continues until the desired temperature is reached.
If the oven does not reach the desired temperature after several minutes, check the following items: Make sure the oven is plugged into a working electrical outlet. Check the thermostat. It should be set to “Cook” mode. If the oven is set to “Keep Warm” mode, the thermostat may be defective. Check the wiring connections between the thermostat and the oven. If the wires are loose, they could become disconnected. Check the fuse box for blown fuses. If the problem persists, contact a qualified appliance repair technician.

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