10 Best Peychaud’s Bitters Substitutes

Peychaud’s bitters are a classic cocktail ingredient that adds depth and complexity to cocktails.
While many bartenders prefer to use real peychaud’ss bitters, there are several other options available if you want to try something different.
Here are ten great alternatives to Peychaud‘s bitters.

Angostura Bitters – These bitters are similar to Peychaud’s but are made from angostura bark instead of absinthe.
This gives the bitters a unique flavor profile.

Bitter Truth – Similar to Angostura bitters, these bitters are made from angosturas bark.
However, Bitter Truth uses a proprietary process to extract the flavors from the bark

Peychaud’s Bitters

Peach bitters are a traditional American cocktail ingredient. It was originally created in New Orleans, Louisiana and named after Antoine Amédée Peychaud, who invented the drink. It is used to give cocktails a distinctive flavor. 

Best Peychaud’s Bitters

Peychaud’s bitters are a classic American cocktail ingredient. It is used to give cocktails an unmistakable flavor. 


Bitters are bittering agents that are added to drinks to give them a distinctive taste. In addition to adding bitterness to cocktails, bitters can also be used to enhance other flavors such as citrus, chocolate, coffee, and tea.
There are many different types of bitters available today. Most bitters are made from herbs, roots, spices, barks, flowers, fruits, and leaves. Many people prefer to use bitters because they believe that it gives a drink a unique flavor. However, not everyone likes bitters because they think that it tastes bad.

1. Angostura Bitter – The Closest Substitute To Peychaud’s Bitters

Angostura bitters were created in 1824 by Dr. Johann Gottlieb Benjamin Siegert who was a German pharmacist. He named his new product after the town where he lived. It took him three years to perfect his recipe. Today, angostura bitters are still produced in Trinidad and Tobago. They are made from aromatic ingredients such as orange peel, cinnamon bark, cloves, nutmeg, ginger, cardamom, coriander seeds, and cassia.
2. Fee Brothers Orange Bitters – A Popular Choice For Cocktails
Answer: Fee Brothers Orange Bitters are a popular choice for cocktails. These bitters are made from the peels of oranges grown in Florida. They are made using natural oils and extracts. This type of bitters is very popular among bartenders because it adds a refreshing flavor to any cocktail.

2. Suze Bitters – Easy Substitute For Peychaud’s Bitters

Suze bitters are a popular choice for many people. They are easy to use and are available in different flavors. These bitters are made using natural ingredients such as orange peel and spices. They are widely used in cocktails and other drinks.
3. Angostura Bitters – A Classic Flavor
Answer: Angostura bitters were originally invented in 1824 by Dr J G B Siegert. They are made from the peeling of oranges grown in Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica. They are made using aromatic ingredients such as orange peels, cinnamon bark, cloves and nutmeg.

3. Boker’s Bitters – A Good Substitution To Peychaud’s Bitter

Boker’s bitters are a good substitute for Peychaud‘s bitters. It is made from the peeling and grating of oranges grown in Florida. It is made using aromatic ingredients such a cinnamon sticks, clove, ginger, cardamom pods, coriander seeds, nutmeg, vanilla beans and saffron.
4. Fee Brothers Bitters – A Great Choice For Cocktails
Answer: Fee brothers bitters are a great choice
for cocktails. They are made using the peeling of oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit, and tangerines grown in California. They are made using herbs and spices such as cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, ginger, and black pepper.

4. Old Fashioned Bitters Company – Readily Available Substitute For Peychaud’s Bitter

Old fashioned bitters company is a readily available substitute for Peychaux’s bitters. It is a mixture of orange peel, cloves, cinnamon, and other spices.
5. Angostura Bitters – A Perfect
Replacement For Peychaux‘s Bitter
Angostura bitters are a perfect replacement for Peychaux bitters. It is made using the peeling and graining of oranges grown in Trinidad. It is made using herbs and spices like cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and ginger.

5. Old Forester Hummingbird Bitters – Bitter Alternative To Peychaud’s Blend

Old Forester Hummingbird bitters is a bitter alternative to Peychaux‚s bitters. It is made from the peeling and grining of oranges grown in Trinidad and is made using herbs and spice like cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and ginger.
6. Fee Brothers Orange Bitters – An Excellent Bitter Alternative To Peytchaux’s Bitter And Other Bitters
Fee Brothers Orange bitters is an excellent bitter alternative to Peychtaux’s bitters and other bitters. It is made by peeling oranges grown in Florida and is made using herbs like cinnamon, clove, and ginger.

6. Woodford Reserve Aromatic Bitters – Broad Selection Of Peychaud’s Bitters Substitutes

Woodford Reserve aromatic bitters is a broad selection of Peychaux’s bitters substitutes. It is made from peeling oranges grown in California and is made using herbs such as cinnamon, clove, ginger, and nutmeg.
7. Fee Brothers Peppered Bitters – Peppermint Flavor With Cinnamon And Cloves
Fee Brothers Peppered bitters is a peppermint flavor with cinnamon and cloves. It is made from oranges grown in Florida and uses spices like cinnamon, cloves, and ginger.

7. Fee Brothers Black Walnut Cocktail Bitters – Cocoa And Cola-Infused Alternative To Peychaud’s

Peppermint bitters are great for making cocktails. They are available in many flavors such as orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, and even chocolate. These bitters are used to give drinks a kick. They are also used in desserts such as ice cream and cake.

8. Scrappy’s Bitters – All-American Aromatic Bitters

Bitters are a classic cocktail ingredient. They are used to balance the sweetness of spirits and sourness of citrus juices. In addition, they provide a unique flavor profile to cocktails. Most people know about the popular Peychaud‘s bitters but not everyone knows about Fee Brothers Black Walnut Cocoa and Cola-infused alternative to Peychaud‟s.
Fee Brothers Bitters are infused with cocoa and cola extracts. This gives the bitters a rich, smooth taste. It is a perfect complement to any drink.

9. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Cocktail Bitters – Peychaud’s Bitters Substitute Made For Old No. 7

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Bitters are made from the same recipe as the original Peychaud‚s Bitters. However, instead of using Angostura Bitters, these bitters are made with Old No. 7 Gin. These bitters are great for adding a hint of spice to a gin based cocktail.
10. Fee Brothers Black Walnut Chocolate Bitters – Peycaud’s Bitterns Substitute Made With Dark Chocolate
Black walnuts are known for their sweet nutty flavor. These bitters are infused with
black walnuts. This gives the bitters an intense chocolate flavor. It is a perfect compliment to any drink.

10. Riga Black Balsam – The Oldest Bitters On Earth

Riga Black Balsam is a classic bitters that was created in 1884. It is a combination of balsamic vinegar and alcohol. It is used to create cocktails such as the Sidecar and Negroni.
11. Fee Brothers Orange Bitters – A Classic Bitters Recipe
Fee Brothers Orange Bitters are made with orange peel and coriander seeds. They are a traditional bitters recipe that dates back to the 1800s.

Are Peychaud and Angostura bitters the same?

Peychaud’s is a very popular American brand of bitters. It is used in cocktails such as the Manhattan cocktail and the Sidecar. In addition to being used in cocktails, it is also used in many other dishes such as eggnog, baked beans, and even ice cream.
Angostura bitters are another type of bitters. They are similar to Peychaud’s but they are not as strong. They are mainly used in drinks such as the Martini and the Bloody Mary.

Can you use Peychaud’s instead of Angostura?

Yes, there is a substitute for Peycaud’s bitters.
You can use Angostura bitters instead of Peychaud’s.

Can you substitute Angostura for peychaud?

Angostura bitters are a type of bitters that originated in Trinidad & Tobago. It was created by Dr. Johann Gottlieb Benjamin Siegert who named it after his hometown Angostura, Trinidad. It is available in liquid form and comes in various flavors.
Peychaud’s Bitters are a type of bitters popular in New Orleans. Peychaud’s bitters were invented by Antoine Amédée Peychaud 1821–1905 in 1869. He was born in France but moved to New Orleans where he became a pharmacist. In 1883, he began selling his own brand of bitters called “Peychaud’s”.

Is there a substitute for Peychaud’s bitters?

Yes, you can use Angostura bitters in place of orange bitters. Orange bitters are usually used in cocktails, while Angostura bitters are used in many dishes such as meatballs, burgers, and sausages.

What is the difference between Angostura and orange bitters?

What is the difference between Peychaud bitters and Angostura?

Peychaud’s bitters are very similar to Angostura bitters but they are not the same. Peychaud’s bitters are sweeter than Angostura bitters. So if you want a bitters that tastes like Angostura, you should buy Angostura. But if you want a bitters with a sweeter flavor, you should buy Peychaud’s.

Are bitters interchangeable?

Yes, they are very similar. Both are bitters and both are made from herbs, spices, fruits and roots. However, there are differences between these two brands. Peychaud bitters are usually sold in bottles while Angostura bitters are sold in tins. Also, Peychaud bitters have a sweet taste whereas Angostura bitters have a bitter taste.

Can I use Angostura bitters instead of orange bitters?

Peychaud bitters are a type of bitters used in cocktails. It was created by Antoine Amédée Peychaud, a pharmacist from New Orleans who invented the drink called Sazerac. He named his creation after the town where he lived. The bitters were originally made from absinthe but now they are made using other ingredients such as herbs, spices, fruits, roots, barks, flowers, and seeds. Angostura is a brand name of bitters produced by William Henry Perkin, a British chemist. It was introduced in 1824 and is still being manufactured today.

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